The #beauty 2.0 Awards are judged by a panel of industry experts. Our judges are drawn from the interactive media industry, including professionals specializing in media, gaming, design, digital marketing and app development. Our judges hail from agencies, corporations and in 2016 – beauty bloggers.
Each judge is assigned 2 categories that are within their specific area of expertise and experience. We ensure that there is no conflict of interest between any judges and the submissions they will grade, and the adjudication process is carried out with the utmost confidentiality and objectivity. The judges assess the entries in their categories online through our secure system.
After the judging where committee will select the top 5 brands per category, voting will be open to the public and the winner will be determined based on 100% consumer’s vote.

Judges for #beauty20 2016 in London

Really Ree web bw logo

Anne Marie Lodge@ReallyRee

ëReeí started her blog, in 2010. She had a passion for all things beauty and wanted to share it with as many people as possible and a blog seemed the ideal way of doing it. She was thrilled and surprised when she initially started to get her first few readers to the blog; now those few readers have grown in to half a million readers a month and Reeís blog has become the biggest beauty blog in the UK and one of the most trafficked in the world. Ree called the site ReallyRee because she felt she wanted to ëkeep it realí for her readers and always write about beauty in an honest and accessible way for ordinary people like her who just wanted to look their very best.
Our Mission: To keep beauty and style real for all our readers





Becky Amos Web bw logo


Becky Amos, Editor, Average Janes, @tweetjanes

Becky is editor of Average Janes, a leading online lifestyle magazine for adventurous, stylish women. Becky has been with Average Janes since the magazine launched in 2013 and loves writing and working with clients in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, fitness and food. She has over 8 yearsí experience in marketing, branding and PR. In her spare time you can find Becky going through her paces at British Military Fitness, or avidly browsing the beauty aisles for the hottest new products.




Grace F Victory bw logo web






Grace Victory, Uglyfaceofbeauty, @GraceFVictory

Grace Victory is a 25 year old fashion & beauty blogger full of personality and flare. Over the past four years Grace has gained over 200,000 subscribers, 21 million views, 40,000 Twitter followers and almost 100,000 Instagram followers. In January 2014 Grace officially launched and has already passed 1,000,000 views.

Not only has Grace worked with top brands such as Clinique, L’Oreal, ASOS & New Look – she is also a big sister and an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of young girls across the world. Sharing her story on personal battles such as depression & self harm, Grace has taken over the net with her girl power attitude & ability to connect with people on more serious & taboo subjects.

On Grace’s YouTube channel (ugly face of beauty) you will find her talking about her impressive 5 stone weight loss, her favourite lipstick and her ever changing hairstyles. As well as the affects bullying had on her as a teen & her very public issues with anxiety and body image.

More recently Grace won the Next Newcomer at the Cosmopolitan awards – her most prestige achievement to date.


London Beauty Queen web bw logo

Hayley Carr, London Beauty Queen, , @LBQblog

Starting off in the cosmetics industry as a brand manager, I began blogging about all things beauty from an insiderís perspective back in 2010 ñ what does the product really do and is it worth the money? My unique tone of voice and outlook enabled me to find my place in the blogging world, being nominated for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award within four months of launching. Over the last six years I’ve won a handful of awards, been featured in numerous publications, worked with hundreds of brands and even set up my own blogger network: THIRTY PLUS







josephine fear web bw logo

Josephine Fear, Fashion Mumblr, , @FashionMumblr

Iím Josie; a 23 year old lifestyle blogger, writer, photographer, business owner and lover of all things fabulous. After graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Fashion Management from the London College of Fashion, I established my career within the luxury British fashion house; Mulberry. Working within the Marketing department, I was constantly infatuated by the world of fashion and luxury, as well as my love for beauty, food and travel so I spent my evenings searching endlessly through Pinterest and Instagram for visual inspiration. I craved all things stylish and so in August 2014 at the age of 19, I decided to start Fashion Mumblr, this creative outlet that Iím now head-over-heels in love with! Since then I have transformed this little passion into a full-time business and am honoured to be pursuing my dreams at the age of 23.

Iím a little obsessed with anything visually appealing, so youíll find all kinds of details here, from pretty home snippets, to my favourite beauty products and I hope you will find something that you love. I hope youíll also enjoy my curation of my favourite details over on my new shop section too!



Madeleine Spencer, MADELEINE LOVES, , @madsabouttown

With over five years in the industry under her belt, Madeleine Spencer knows her way around a beauty hall. Writing for magazines like Marie Claire, Country & Town House Magazine and Powder as well as blogging, she has come to learn that there are few beauty dilemmas that can’t be solved with the right product or trick. Her speciality subjects include super-facialists, supermodels and, of course, the most super serums on the market…

Nadia Cohen web bw logo





Nadia Cohen, fuelrefuel, , @FuelPR

Nadia Cohen is an Account Director at Fuel PR where she has worked for seven years. Specializing in beauty and wellbeing, Nadia has run a number of successful PR campaigns for a range of clients including luxury, mass and niche brands.


Tracy Kiss web bw logo



Tracy Kiss, Tracy Kiss, , @misstracykiss

Tracy Kiss, 28yr TV personality/social influencer/personal trainer from Buckinghamshire. Mother of 2, author and blogger covering fitness, fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle with over 1.6million social media followers.


Victoria Eales web bw logo






Victoria Eales, Florence & Mary, , @FlorenceandMary

I’m Victoria a thirty something Essex girl who enjoys sharing her love of all things beauty and lifestyle here at Florence and Mary.

By day I work full time in London in an industry as far removed from beauty as you can get but at weekends the copious amounts of tea and spreadsheets are replaced with wine and playing with lipsticks.

Blogging has been part of my life for over five years and in that time my blog has developed and change with my interests, some of you may even remember my crafting endeavors and car boot sale hauls.

Now I’m more likely to be sharing the details of my latest holiday, a new burger restaurant or the latest contouring product. Moving into beauty blogging has been a great way to discover brands both new and old and put the products to practice in the ‘real world’ whether that’s make up that’s easily applied on the train or testing whether that foundations claims to last 8 hours will see me through a day in the office and a night out in a club.

I also love Flamingos and Pineapples, I know not why but I do and they will pop up from time to time and keep sending the links of products you see, I love how many of you think of me when you see something.


Judges for #beauty20 2016 in Los Angeles



Manal Shaikh Social Media Director @naildecor, @wakeupandmakeup

Manal Shaikh is a Social Media Director and a popular nail artist in the instagram community known as @naildecor. She also mediates two of the most popular beauty feature pages on Instagram for makeup (@wakeupandmakeup) and nails (@naildecorvideos). Manal currently has accumulated a network of over 10 million followers to date on her social media platforms combined. Manal is listed in WWD as the one of the top 50 influencers in the multicultural market. As a social media director and a neo-business entrepreneur, she uses her large social media platforms to help brands and artists gain exposure. Manal has an undergraduate BA degree in Psychology from York University, Toronto.

Mynxii White

Mynxi White: @MynxiiWhite

Mynxi White is an award-winning make-up artist, esthetician, fashion editor, stylist and model. She has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry as well as corporate America working tirelessly to bring her unique creativity to every person with whom she works. She is all things beauty and fashion.

Mynxii first got the attention of the industry twelve years ago when Tony&Guy named her Make-Up Artist of the year in 2004 for all of North America. Since then, she has worked on many notable projects including Ru Paul’s Drag Race and most recently Maker Studio’s new show Oh You Pretty Things!

Mynxii has also provided her expertise for numerous big brands including Samsung, LA Eyeworks and so many others. She has toured with multiple celebrities including Kanye West, Dave Navarro (Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction), Kelly Clarkson, Margaret Cho and more.

Proving she is as talented in front of the camera as well as behind, Mynxii has graced the covers and pages of Elle Japan, Vogue Italia, and countless other publications.

Mynxii’s take on the state of beauty and fashion is in huge demand. Currently, she is Beauty Editor at Schon! Magazine. Previous publications include positions as Fashion Director for Black&Grey Magazine, Online Beauty Editor for FLAUNT Magazine, Beauty Editor for Style Defined NYC and a hugely popular fashion Buzzmaker for Buzznet.

Mynxii understands the skin is a blank canvas that can be slightly enhanced to bring out natural beauty or “done up” to the point where a person is a living, evolving piece of unique art.

To learn more about Mynxii White, please visit for her entire portfolio, videos, beauty tips and exclusive behind the scenes content.


Sourabh Sharm, Communication & social Media Research Expert + Senior Project Manager

Sourabh Sharma is founder of FIG or out, a brand advisory and digital marketing company, with has 10+ years of experience in the marketing space and a background in brand management, social media, management consulting and research. As a digital influencer in the fields of travel, lifestyle, food, fashion and beauty, he wears multiple hats: journalism, serial investing, distinct startups in the tech space, and is a regular consultant for branding and digitization of startup or small business ventures. As a judge of social contents and a public speaker at national conferences on marketing trends and business operations, with related white papers and publications, Sharma has a solid understanding of the modern corporate and communications dynamics. Sharma has undergraduate engineering and business degrees and MBA with global experiences from the Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania and the Rotterdam School of Management.