Firstly this packaging is stunning! So beautiful.

I found after I’d finished my base of foundation and powder for the first time of using this product I had to build it up, but now as I’ve used it for quite a few months I have learned to use it and also how to work with it, which is something everyone does with a new product, so now as it is getting warmer I don’t have as much powder on my face so the bronzer sticks to my skin quite quickly therefore I feel I don’t need that much product. Although I love to build both of them up for the night time, also they both make amazing eyeshadows!

There are extremely fine bits of shimmer within the bronzer, but virtually undetectable on the skin which is a good thing for me as I really dislike shimmer in products.

I do not need much of this product for daytime, especially with help from her powder and sculpt brush it does all the work for you with the shorter sides doing all the blending. It makes your cheekbones pop instantly just with one swipe.

The highlight is very pigmented, it is similar to Nars Albatross but less gold, so it is not a natural looking highlight, but could be if used and blended correctly.

I will insert swatches of both the Nars highlighter and Charlotte Tilbury’s for reference. Once I’ve found it…

I find that I don’t need much on the brush for the daytime just a quick dab of the brush and it will give you a soft summer sunset colour glow.

Description on the back, Bronze: Apply bronzer to cheek hollows, temples, jaw line, sides and tip of nose and blend.

Glow: Apply highlighter to top of cheek bones, centre of nose, bow of lips and brow bone to give you candle-lit skin.

So far I am obsessed with this product, I use it nearly everyday. It is so beautiful I will definitely be purchasing it again!

Have you tried this product before? What do you think?

Thank you for reading


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