Treat & Transform Moisturiser SPF15

I’ve never had this many compliments on my skin, especially from actual makeup artists. I owe it all to this moisturiser, it is soothing, smoothing, instantly hydrating and kept hydrated all day, (it has hyaluronic acid). With all of that it never feels heavy on the skin not cloggy or like plastic like some moisturisers. Once placed in the areas on the face then smoothed in, it disappears and your skin is left feeling luxurious.

It calms my skin after the sensitivity of cleansing, it de-stresses it. I think it really rescues my dry skin and doesn’t add to my oily T-zone I get at the end of the day usually, and does not cause break outs.

I first tried this moisturiser when I worked for Charlotte Tilbury at an event where she was opening a new counter at a department store in London, where all models had different looks from her collection. I had Ingénue, which I was slightly gutted about because it is a very natural look with barely any makeup on so I didn’t get to try as many products.

The makeup artist kept putting layers of the moisturiser on my skin, as it is very dehydrated. The first thing I noticed was my skin looked and felt plump, I thought I was just imagining it at first but the more it was used on me at different shoots I then realised what it was.

It is pricey so take a small pot to a counter and ask for a tester first.

Now four months on with the same pot I can’t imagine ever using anything else, my skin really has been transformed. Have you ever used Charlotte’s Magic Cream? Tell me what you think!

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