Lightweight flawless coverage.

I’ve been finding it difficult to find a tinted moisturiser that matched my skin tone, Laura Mercier has a huge range of colours which is very rare for tinted moisturisers, and also an oil free version which I didn’t like as it was too drying on my skin.

I’m looking for an everyday tinted moisturiser,one I can use 7 days a week I think this might be quite expensive for an everyday tinted moisturiser. What attracted me the most was the lack of ingredients in this product which will help my skin have a break from the amount that is put on my skin when I’m shooting.

Firstly I got wrongly matched in colour and product (oil free) at another Laura Mercier counter and I’m really disappointed in her service as she just did not care I could tell which is also bad because I was introducing my mother to the brand which wasn’t a good starting point for the company as a new customer. So I took it to another Fenwick store on New Bond Street and the lovely lady at the counter rematched me and gave an excellent service.

First layer- undetectable on the skin, just gives a healthy moisturised plump glow with slight coverage.

Second layer- still pretty much undetectable on the skin,baring in mind I hate any look of product build up on my face, so in someone else’s opinion it could be completely undetectable.

This product will need setting in place, I use Laura Mercier’s pressed setting powder in translucent which also doesn’t appear cakey on the skin, it is traceless.

So I’ve been using this product for over a month now! Overall this product is outstanding, if you can try it, get a tester first as it is quite pricey, there are a lot of colours and the oil free one oxidises more than the other so it changes colour over time. If you have tried it let me know what you think!

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