I’ve never been a nail polish fan in the past. It was time consuming, it stained, I could never get it off, it constantly chipped and, worst of all, it made my usually very strong nails weak.

I was lucky enough to work with Little Ondine for a video shoot recently, where I had to put nail polish on in different situations and colours. From then on, I’ve been very much in love!

Set of Little Ondine Nail Varnishes

Little Ondine use natural resin, organic colourants and water. The nail polish is odourless too, so you can apply it wherever you are and not annoy anyone else, which is something everyone dislikes on public transport.

It’s extremely quick drying which is great, if you are like me and don’t have the patience to sit and let nail polish dry. Also, you can simply just peel off the colour once it dries which is great if you change your mind about a colour or outfit.

No need for base coat to protect the nail or top coat to give shine, just one coat is enough to give a vivid colour and a shiny coat!

My favourite has to be Waltz L802 – it’s so unbelievably beautiful. Finally, there is a glitter nail polish that comes off so effortlessly!

The reason I’m in love with this product is because it is so easy, natural, inexpensive and comes in so many different colours and even a selection of mattes!

If you like the sound of Little Ondine nail varnishes and want to give them a go, use the discount code ACR10, exclusive to readers of my blog, to get 10% off their website!

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