This product for me is a must, I just love it so much that I’m upset it’s running out and I have to move on to other shampoos that I must use up, it makes my hair feel completely nourished and full of life, who would want to move away from that?

It feels stronger straight after use and is softer, I don’t need to put any of my hair oil on to help comb it through, which is very rare for bleached hair.

As for the true lasting colour aspect, I can’t say I have noticed which could be a sign that it does help towards lasting colour, but at the same time I feel that it doesn’t strip my hair as much as other shampoo and conditioners that I’ve noticed, which means the colour will last longer, and also it stays cleaner for longer too, which is amazing because I have very oily skin.

This shampoo is by far the best shampoo I’ve ever used, I can feel myself that it’s cleansing the scalp and removing dead skin cells whilst making my roots feel lifted and not weighed down. I’m trying to explain what I mean in these… err hairy photographs!

My hair is usually quite flat and straight but here it has a bit of life and bounce and thickness to it which is extremely occasional unless someone else takes care of it.

I’ve never spent this much on a shampoo before, I had no idea that a shampoo and conditioner could do such great things to my hair! I never thought I would be saying this but, I wont be buying crappy shampoos again because they do more than just wash dirty hair.

Do you agree if you spend more on shampoo and conditioner you get more? I hope you found my to-the-point review helpful! Thank you for reading. 🙂 xxx

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